Apply the advantages of our cross-discipline, integrated team approach to your wind-energy project.

Project and construction management services include full-time, onsite coordination and training.

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EnergyWorks Field Services

EnergyWorks Field Services (EWFS) is the newest member of the EnergyWorks Group. Since it was established earlier this year, EWFS has successful complete retrofit and maintenance projects at over 12 wind parks across the United States, from Oregon to New York. The ability to respond efficiently and safely to client challenges makes EWFS the ideal professional choice in today’s dynamic environment.

The Field Services team is highly versatile and capable with core skills that include:

  • Experience with a variety of internal and external wind turbine repairs
  • Technical assistance with mechanical or structural problems
  • Class “A” Blade Technician with over 25 years composite experience who evaluates and develops solutions for any blade problems
  • Supervisors and technician crews for preventative maintenance to augment a wind park’s permanent technical staff
  • State of the art tower cleaning

EnergyWorks Field Services has an impressive safety record and since its inception has partnered with leaders in the access and rescue industry. This partnership has led to the utilization of cutting-edge safety equipment and procedures and has made EnergyWorks employees are some of the best trained in the field.

EnergyWorks Field Services is headquartered in northeast Mississippi. The facility is currently completing a mock wind turbine for safety and procedural training that will maximize productivity and safety awareness for EWFS and client trainees.

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EnergyWorks Professional Services

It’s all about the team
Consistent delivery of customer value is derived from EnergyWorks’ ability to quickly form a cohesive and effective team with the right skills, expertise and leadership to focus on and meet the client’s need. In creating a specific response to each customer, EnergyWorks draws from its cadre of permanent employees, network professionals and specialized partner companies to provide the appropriate combination of scientific, engineering, management or practical “steel-toed boot and hardhat” field operations and construction professionals for the job. EnergyWorks offers technical, financial and management support to developers without the burden of costs to acquire and maintain permanent in-house specialists.

Value proposition
The thoughtful aggregation and engagement of knowledgeable and seasoned professionals provides the foundation of the team’s value proposition: meeting the client’s needs and expectations every time, anywhere and allowing the client to focus its in-house resources on its core business processes. What differentiates EnergyWorks from other capable teams is the direct, “hands-on” involvement of senior management. Every assignment, or task, is viewed with the utmost attention to detail, to ensure that the responses meet the needs and expectations of the client. Cross-discipline scientific, engineering and business fundamentals are woven into a clear and meaningful plan of action.

Project and Construction Management services provide broad project oversight on behalf of the client. EnergyWorks relies heavily on fundamentals and organization discipline as cornerstones to achieving success. EnergyWorks will monitor performance of engineers, suppliers and construction contractors and act to ensure that project milestones, budget, construction quality and specific performance parameters are met. Available services include:

  • Customized, conceptual and basic designs
  • Logistical coordination of equipment shipment from point of manufacture to job site including expertise to move equipment through customs
  • Project management
  • Full-time, on-site construction coordination and supervision by knowledgeable and proven professionals
  • Financial analysis, oversight and management of the project budget
  • Integrated commissioning activity at the appropriate time during construction to optimize efficiency
  • Management mentoring – transfer of management know-how to the client without direct management and supervision by EnergyWorks
  • Training programs developed to the specific needs of project management and operations activities

Current Project Locations

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