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EnergyWorks was established in response to changes that promise to transform energy markets and the infrastructure required to support them. Global demand for energy, technology innovation and concern for the environment drive solutions based on conservation and the application of distributed and renewable energy resources.


The EnergyWorks Group consists of several management-owned affiliates with primary focus on project management and field services for wind power generation, integrated infrastructure management for business and institutions, and the development of advanced technology bio-energy projects. The group’s expanding team of technicians, engineers and other professionals serves customers from offices in Maryland and Pennsylvania and customer sites across North America and at international locations.


Patrick Thompson President and Chief Executive Officer of EnergyWorks Group


Mr. Thompson was elected President and Chief Executive Officer of the EnergyWorks Group in 1999 and has continued to lead the profitable growth of the business since completing a management buyout of the North American operations in 2001. Mr. Thompson has over 30 years experience in the energy industry and has held senior executive, business, engineering, and development positions with the Bechtel Group, the EnergyWorks Group and Iberdrola. Prior to entering the private sector he served as a nuclear submarine officer in the United States Navy. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from the United States Naval Academy, a Master of Science in Engineering from the University of Michigan, and a MBA from the University of California.
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Adam Thompson, Vice President, General Manager of Infrastructure Services


Mr. Thompson is responsible for the management of the Infrastructure Business Unit and has served in the capacity of General Manager of the Park City Shopping Center energy concession business since 2003. Prior to joining the EnergyWorks Group in 2001, he held several project and construction management positions with Bechtel Power Corporation at both domestic and international locations. Mr. Thompson holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from the University of California and a Masters in Business from ESCP-EAP, Oxford-Madrid.
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Patrick Topper, Plant Manager, Gettysburg Energy and Nutrient Facility


Mr. Topper manages the operations and maintenance of the Gettysburg Energy & Nutrient Recovery Facility.  In this capacity he played a key role in the final design reviews, supported construction and commisioning, hired and trained permanent plant staff and led the performance testing and tuning to establish best operations practices to improve plant performance.  Prior to joining EnergyWorks, Mr. Topper was employed by the Knolls Atomic Lab (KAPL) where he asisted in operator technician training and maintenance of the training facility. Prior to Joining KAPL, he worked at the Pennsylvania State University as a Senior Agricultural Research Technologist in the PSU Agricultural Engineering Department and participated in a number of projects realted to anaerobic digestion and air emissions from agricultural animal feeding operations.  Previously, he managed the operations and maintenance of an incinerator ash recycling plant involving heavy duty material handling systems and also operated gas turbine cogeneration facilities. Mr. Topper began his career as a technician in the US Navy nuclear submarine service and retired as a chief petty officer and was responsible for supervising reactor and propulsion plant operations and maintenance.  Mr. Topper holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agricultural Systems Management from Pennsylvania State University.




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